We are happy to offer our members many FREE opportunities to help promote your business or organization. Manage your directory listing, create Events, and submit advertisements for the B.I.A. to promote your business. To learn how and find out more about the perks visit our Members Area.

What else can a member do?

Member Profile

Your personalized profile: members can populate and update their profiles and directory listing — complete with contact information, social media links, hours of operation, business description and list of Happenings.

Events and Featured Events

A listing of member events and promotional information, including event name, logo or image, date and brief event description that links to member Profile and member Website. Contact us to get your event featured.

Advertising Opportunities

Advertising on is an affordable way to get your business noticed. Take a look at our advertising and sponsorship opportunities here.


Our Members Resources area also features important communication from the BIA, forms, reports, marketing materials, statistics, partnership opportunities, research, annual reports and anything else we feel may benefit our members.


See photos and videos of past events sponsored by the B.I.A. or its members. Have photos you’d like to share? Contact us to get them published.


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