Downtown Rideau has high traffic volumes of over 250,000 employees, residents, tourists and shoppers visiting the area each day. To ensure it maintains an impeccable appearance, the Downtown Rideau BIA pursues a standard level of “basic services” from the City of Ottawa and implements “enhanced” maintenance programs to supplement the municipality’s basic services:


The Downtown Rideau BIA hires outside resources and encourages its member properties and tenants to clean, sweep and clear snow on public and private walkways, sidewalks and alcoves each spring and winter; and as required throughout the year.

Litter & Weeds

During the summer and throughout the year, the Downtown Rideau BIA hires outside resources and encourages its member properties and tenants to remove litter and weeds from tree and flower planters, sidewalks, curbs and other surfaces.

Graffiti Removal

Throughout the year, the Downtown Rideau BIA hires outside resources to remove graffiti from public and private property and fixtures at street level. The BIA does not remove graffiti from second storey properties and encourages member properties and tenants to restrict access to second storeys to prevent vandals from placing graffiti above street level. Restricting access to second storeys will also avoid the city requiring its removal at the owners expense and assists the BIA’s efforts to keep Downtown Rideau free of graffiti.

Residents can help by picking up a free Community Graffiti Removal kit and committing to removing graffiti on public assets in their neighbourhood. Kits are designed to get you started in removing graffiti on smooth surfaces including signs, traffic control boxes, newspaper and mailboxes. The kits are not available for graffiti removal from private homes or businesses.  Each starter kit includes graffiti cleaning wipes, gloves, safety goggles, removal instructions and safety information. Many residents across Ottawa have already made an impact on the appearance of our community with these kits. You may register a Graffiti Removal Project with the Cleaning the Capital Campaign at (, or you can also request a kit by e-mail at  More information on the Graffiti Management Program is available online at

Street Furniture

The Downtown Rideau BIA monitors and reports the cleanliness and maintenance of public and private property and other street service providers of furniture and fixtures including transit shelters, vending boxes, lampposts, tree planters, bicycle racks, waste receptacles, lighting, etc. In addition, the BIA provides “enhanced” services to its street furniture assets (decorative lampposts, banner hardware, waste receptacles), with pressure washing, repair and painting each spring and peak visitor periods throughout the year, as well as debris removal when required.