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ACT Grants

ACT (Affordability and Choice Today) provides grants to support projects that improve planning and building regulations in order to increase housing affordability and housing options. Regulatory issues include changes to municipal policies and bylaws, building codes, development standards, approval procedures and resistance to regulatory change.

ACT grants of up to $5,000 are available to facilitate the transfer of knowledge as well as the implementation of new and already existing regulatory solutions. Eligible projects must involve a specific activity or product, such as a stakeholder consultation, workshop, open house, survey, or background research. The application form and examples of previously funded projects are available from ACT’s website at

The program is funded by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in collaboration with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association.

For more information contact:
Sylvie Grenier
Manager, ACT
Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Phone: 613 907-6242