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Ottawa Arts Court Foundation Disolves After 25 Years.

180x200_artscourtdissolvesOttawa: July 11, 2012

After 25 years of leadership in Ottawa’s professional arts community, the Board of Directors of the Ottawa Arts Court Foundation (OACF) has announced that it is winding down operations. In doing so, the Board acknowledges with gratitude the talent and dedication of its staff, singling out its Executive Director, Linda Balduzzi, Theatre Manager Donna Williams, and Communications Coordinator /Graphic Designer Sam Awwad.  Without their extraordinary efforts, Arts Court would not have accomplished all that it has over the years.  
In May, the organization indicated that it was facing resource challenges. Among its main areas of responsibility are operating the Arts Court Theatre and ancillary spaces, and leading and promoting the capital development vision of the Arts Court re- development project. The additional responsibilities related to Arts Court’s capital development project, coupled with the burgeoning activity of a growing professional arts community, were more than the OACF’s limited human and financial resources could bear, resulting in the decision to close the organization.  

 As part of the wind down of the organization, the OACF Board and staff are currently working to ensure that the Arts Court Theatre, a critical professional arts venue in Ottawa, will remain open and functional until the end of August, at which point it is expected to transition to new management.  
The OACF is also working with the Council for the Arts in Ottawa to ensure an orderly transition of responsibility for the capital development project and representing the resident companies of Arts Court both internally and externally.  

This change comes as Arts Court is on the threshold of exciting growth.
The next chapter in the evolution of the facility will be distinguished by new and renovated buildings and spaces. The mantle of leadership that the OACF has worn over the last decade as the plans for construction and renovation have been perfected, will now go to another organization. The Board is confident that Arts Court’s significant contribution to and vision for the local professional arts will continue. 

Media Contact: Susan Annis, Chair, Ottawa Arts Court Foundation 613-562-1535 ext. 232


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