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Continued Investigation into Laurier/Waller Roadway Collapse

Rideau Transit Group is continuing with their detailed investigation into the cause of the roadway collapse at Laurier/Waller, and their assessment of the site in preparation for resuming tunneling operations. Completed and scheduled works at the site include the following:

• Storm and sanitary sewers have been reconnected to the sewer infrastructure as of Tuesday, March 4.

• Traffic signals at Waller Street have been reconnected as of Wednesday, March 5 and Waller Street has been reopened for pedestrians and 50 Laurier access.

• Tunnel borehole investigations in the Laurier and Waller area are anticipated to begin overnight on Thursday, March 6 and will continue overnight Friday and over the weekend during daytime hours.

• General site cleanup and investigative drilling in the tunnel also continue.


Source: City of Ottawa, Rail Implementation Office

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