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Be in the know about the City’s planning projects and upcoming public engagement events.
~ Michael Mizzi, Acting General Manager of the Planning and Growth Management Department

In 2015, the Planning and Growth Management Department was involved in the approval of many exciting renewal and growth projects that helped to advance the city building agenda, including Rideau/Arts Precinct Public Realm Plan and the Former Canadian Forces Base Rockcliffe. Last summer, Council updated its Strategic Plan and approved over 60 strategic initiatives, and Planning Committee approved a term of Council workplan for our department for matters under its purview.

Standing committees and Council will undoubtedly have some tough decisions before them in 2016. Your input on a project not only helps to shape a proposal, but also assists decision makers and results in better city planning. I would like to thank those of you who participated in a public consultation or helped improve the department’s outreach in 2015. I hope that you continue to stay involved in the projects that affect your community in the coming year.

This year, the department will continue to provide residents with opportunities to learn more about planning, for instance, through a primer or wildlife session. The department continues to promote a variety of modern communication tools including project web pages, videos and social media feeds. I am pleased to announce that the City’s most watched video of all time was produced by department staff in 2015. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to watch the Minimum Parking Review video.

I am pleased that this e-newsletter, also introduced in 2015, continues to gain subscribers. The goal of the newsletter is to provide readers with an ongoing source of information about the City’s planning projects and upcoming public consultations. In closing, I would like to recognize the ongoing efforts made by staff to engage the public. My hope is that we continue to maintain strong lines of communication in 2016.

Planning Committee 2015: A year in review
~ Councillor Jan Harder, Chair of Planning Committee

With the promise of a new year ahead of us, I would like to take a moment as Chair of the City of Ottawa’s Planning Committee to reflect on 2015 and to look back on what we’ve accomplished together. Some of this year’s success can be directly attributed to Planning and Growth Management Department’s continued encouragement of developers to consult and work collaboratively with community associations, residents, Councillors and the City’s Urban Design Review Panel. The Department has striven to improve external communications, developing simple, clear public documents about proposed projects to better engage the public.

After extensive study and public consultation, the Zoning By-law now recognizes existing small businesses in a residential zone and also permits new small businesses to operate – all of which is beneficial to the small businesses that drive Ottawa’s economy. Communities are also being shaped by new rules put in place to guide low-rise infill residential development within the Greenbelt. These rules will guide the largest development within Ottawa’s Greenbelt since amalgamation, where about 5,300 residences are to be built in a new community at the former Rockcliffe Air Base.

Some noteworty projects saw progress in 2015:
– The Innovation Centre project will see the redevelopment of the long-vacant Workshops building at 7 Bayview Road, The building was also granted heritage status earlier this year.
– The South Keys Shopping Centre will be redeveloped as outlined in the Bank Street Community Design Plan (CDP).
– A CDP for Stittsville Main Street was developed to allow for the preservation of that community’s character while still achieving City   intensification targets.
– The City updated its protocol for wildlife protection in 2015 as well to reduce the impacts of construction on wildlife.
– At 400 Albert Street, a major developer has expressed interest in building near the Confederation Line, continuing the emphasis on transit-oriented development.
– The Oblates lands at 175 Main Street were re-zoned to allow for the development of 916 new homes in a project guided by the Old Ottawa East CDP.
– Rideau Street will continue to be developed as part of the growing Ottawa downtown, a project that will be guided by the updated the CDP for Uptown Rideau.
– We moved into fast forward mode with Building Better Smarter Suburbs and aligned that work with the very important Infrastructure Standards Review.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt thanks to City staff and to my fellow committee members for their continued hard work in achieving all of these successes, along with many others there is not room to highlight here. The work we do together is ensuring a strong foundation for the future of our beautiful capital city.


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