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Overnight work: Rideau Station Mar 30 – Apr 5

OLRTC has been granted a noise exemption at Rideau Station from 5am on March 30th to 1am on April 5th  to allow construction works to take place outside of the current by-law hours (7am to 10pm). In the exemption, OLRTC will be permitted the additional work hours of 5am to 7am, and 10pm to 1am to undertake shoring pile drilling for West Entrance Tunnel Ventilation Shaft (TVS) on the north side of Rideau Street in front of the HBC and Chapters. The shoring pile drilling for the West TVS is currently underway, and OLRTC would like the exemption to the expedite their work.

In advance of the exemption request, OLRTC installed a noise monitor on the second floor of the Chateau Laurier, at the north east corner of Rideau Street and Mackenzie Avenue (corner in closest proximity to the work area) while the shoring work was underway at the West TVS site. The monitoring found that noise levels remained consistent throughout the work period at a level of 37 dBA. The limit is 45 dBA. The Rail Office and OLRTC staff are comfortable with allowing the overnight construction to proceed based on these noise levels.