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June 20 update from the City of Ottawa on Rideau Street repairs

An update following the second weekend since the infrastructure failure on Rideau Street.

The pace of repairs has been maintained throughout the weekend with significant progress to show on the recovery efforts.  RTG is estimating one more week before the intersection can be opened.

Update on tunneling efforts:

Crews continue to remove water from the west section of the tunnel. Work continues on the Rideau Station and crews will be resuming excavation of the tunnel this week.

LRT construction work is well-underway at sites across the project. At the future Rideau Station, work has resumed in the Rideau mid and east entrances. Overall, construction remains on schedule.

Update on utility services:

Earlier today, Ottawa Public Health has lifted all Precautionary Boil Water and Do Not Drink Advisories for 41, 45 and 80 Rideau Street. Water testing indicates that tap water is safe to drink. No further testing is required at this time. Sewer and waste water has been reconnected.

Enbridge has completed its repairs in the sinkhole. Work has been substantively completed on the watermain repairs in the sinkhole. Inspections in the area have, however, identified the need to replace an approximately 20 metre section of the watermain to the west of the sinkhole. This section of pipe was not damaged as a result of the infrastructure failure, but staff have recommended it be replaced as a preventative measure to ensure the stability of the surrounding infrastructure.

The two remaining affected utilities, Hydro Ottawa and Bell Canada, are scheduled to start work in the sinkhole as soon as the latest round of backfilling is complete.

Update on emergency operations:

The City of Ottawa’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) continues to operate in Enhanced Operations to coordinate recovery efforts. With the water advisories lifted, the Office of Emergency Management is in discussions with senior management to determine whether the EOC’s oversight remains necessary. Maintaining the pace of repair efforts remains a top priority and will not be affected by any change to the City’s emergency status.

Update on traffic impacts:

  • Pedestrian access has been restored along the south crosswalk at Rideau Street and Colonel By Drive. The sidewalk has also been re-opened along the east side of Colonel By Drive between Daly Avenue and Rideau Street.
  • Crews are hard at work to re-open a portion of the southern sidewalk on Rideau Street from Nicholas Street to the entrance of the Rideau Centre.
  • Traffic closures remain in place on Rideau Street, Wellington Street, Sussex Drive and Colonel By Drive, to facilitate repair efforts and ensure the safety of crews. Further traffic updates will be provided when available.