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Rideau Street to OPEN in time for the Holiday Retail Season

OLRT Rideau Station
OLRT Rideau Station


The Downtown Rideau Board of Management has been working with the City of Ottawa to open Rideau Street in time for the peak holiday retail season. The Board is pleased to announce that the City is aiming to have Rideau Street open for Friday, December 16, if not earlier.

The attached traffic plans will go into effect in three phases:

  1. Phase 1 will be implemented, Thursday November 24th, allowing for HVAC shoring works along the north sidewalk just east of the pedestrian bridge. Redirecting pedestrians during this phase will allow the project to fully reinstate the north sidewalk sooner, in phase 2. The project is also shrinking some of the construction areas on the street to improve pedestrian flow and sightlines, and allow better access for deliveries;
  2. Phase 2 will be implemented around December 3rd, reinstating pedestrians access along the north sidewalk east of the pedestrian bridge, and;
  3. Phase 3 will be implemented to coincide with the reinstatement of transit service.

The Downtown Rideau B.I.A. encourages our members to share and distribute this information to your employees and customers.

Please direct any construction questions to the following City of Ottawa Stakehodler Relations contact:

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