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Downtown Rideau


#DowntownRideau’s 2017 Annual Report

Learn about Downtown Rideau's updates, achievements, strategic direction & more in this 2017 Annual Report.


Downtown Rideau’s 2017 Annual Report is available now!

Click the link below to read about the district’s latest updates, strategic direction, & more!

AGM Annual Report 8.5×11 format



• Expanded core services to new boundary members

• Communications strategy featuring members events

• Launched members resource section on website • Expanded Mural Box program to new boundary area

• Installed Wayfinding maps on FXpoles

• Developed Ottawa Art Gallery Public Art legacy project

• Created Canada150/Ottawa 2017 pageantry

• Supported professional arts programming on Ogilvy Square • Social media strategy highlighting members activity

• Researched new revenue streams

• Researched a signature fashion and arts event

• Restructured HR to support strategic priorities

• Continued construction communications plan

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