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Waller St. Brewing now has an online store!

Waller St. Brewing now has an online store to make delivery in Ottawa even easier + FREE DELIVERY within 20 kms! Put this easy shopping on your to-do list.

Ottawa’s Tiny Little Prohibition Craft Brewery

Exciting News! Waller St. Brewing now has an online store to make delivery in Ottawa even easier!

SHOP Waller St. Brewing craft beer and merchandise: Free home delivery within 20km radius!

You must be present during delivery and ready to show your ID to prove legal drinking age.

Here’s a little taste of what you can buy;


Waller St. Brewing is a little gem, hidden underground in the heart of downtown Ottawa creating refined and exciting local craft beers.

Heritage and Innovation
The unique challenges of brewing in the basement of a heritage building means we built a truly one of a kind brewery from scratch to create great craft beer.
Inspired by traditional brewing ingredients and techniques, we create unconventional beers that deliver a flavorful and balanced tasting experience with an innovative spirit.

All our beers are made with natural ingredients, unfiltered with no preservatives or artificial colours and crafted to remove virtually all gluten.





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