Board of Management and Committees

The Downtown Rideau Board of Management consists of volunteers from the B.I.A. business community and area stakeholders representing a variety of properties, tenants and interests including the municipal ward Councillor for the B.I.A. area:

2019-2022 Board Term

  1. CHAIR: Brian O’Hoski — General Manager, CF Rideau Centre
  2. VICE-CHAIR: Sean Rutherford,
  3. PAST-CHAIR: Donna Holtom — Owner, Holtz Spa
  4. TREASURER: Jeremy Francis — Chief Operating Officer,
  5. Patricia Aramouni — Owner, Fancy Sox, CF Rideau Centre
  6. Alexandra Badzak, Chair, Marketing & Tourism Committee — Director & CEO, Ottawa Art Gallery
  7. Chrystal Duperron — General Manager, Hudson’s Bay Rideau
  8. Kevin Jackson — Owner, Giant Tiger George Street
  9. Deneen Perrin — Director Public Relations, Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel
  10. Cheryl Sinko — GM, Nordstrom Ottawa
  11. Nicole White — Owner, Riccioli Salon
  12. Mathieu Fleury — Municipal Councillor, Ward 12 (ex-officio)

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Finance & Governance Committee

  1. TREASURER: Jeremy Francis — Chief Operating Officer,
  2. Brian O’Hoski, General Manager, CF Rideau Centre
  3. Donna Holtom, Owner, Holtz Spa
  4. Alexandra Badzak, Director & CEO, Ottawa Art Gallery
  5. Kevin Jackson, Owner, Giant Tiger George Street
  6. Brian Kennedy, Asset Protection Manager, Hudson’s Bay Rideau

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Clean & Safe Advisory Group

  1. Gordon Robinson, Superintendent, Transit Special Constable Services,  OC Transpo
  2. Greg Ouellet, Security Manager, CF Cadillac Fairview
  3. Ronald Rioux, 200 Rideau Claridge Condos
  4. Daniel Bissonnette, City of Ottawa, Bylaw Enforcement Supervisor
  5. Scott Lavery,City of Ottawa, Bylaw Officer
  6. Brian Lopez, Loss prevention Manager, Nordstrom
  7. Michael Ouellet, City of Ottawa, 311 Officer
  8. Darren Graham, Executive Director, Anglican Social Services, Centre 454
  9. Brian Kennedy, Asset Protection Manager, Hudson’s Bay Rideau
  10. Cst. Sebastien Lemay, Community Safety Services, Ottawa Police Service
  11. Nelson Gagnon, Chief, Corporate Security, National Capital Commission

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Marketing & Tourism Advisory Group

  1. Alexandra Badzak, Director & CEO, Ottawa Art Gallery
  2. Maggie Hutton, Manager, Urban Outfitters
  3. Deneen Perrin, Director of Public Relations, Fairmont Chateau Laurier
  4. Barry Buteau, Owner, Golden Wave Tattoo Co.
  5. Sarah Chown, Metropolitain Brasserie, Partner
  6. Chantal Nadeau, La Nouvelle Scene


As a member and participant of numerous local groups, the Downtown Rideau B.I.A. works with other organizations to voice the concerns of business and the arts to our representatives at City Hall and other levels of government. Here are a few of these groups:


  • Ottawa Tourism — Member and Executive Director sits as a Board Member and Membership Committee
  • Ottawa Festival Network — Member, 100 festivals, special events, and fairs


  • Ottawa Council of B.I.A.s


  • Ontario BIAs Association – Peggy DuCharme, past Chair and Board Member


  • Downtowns Canada – national voice of BIAs — Peggy DuCharme, Past Board Member


  • IDA – International Downtowns Association – Peggy DuCharme sits as past Board Member/Canadian Representative, Vice-Chair Canadian Issues Task Force, Chair Canadian Downtown Symposium and Member of the Membership Committee and was Chair of the 2014 IDA Annual Conference and Trade Show held in Ottawa.

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