COVID-19 Recovery Strategy

The Downtown Rideau B.I.A. identified an immediate need to begin planning for recovery. Working with Karma Dharma Strategy + Marketing, we facilitated a focus group consultation with representatives from the Downtown Rideau membership. The Downtown Rideau Recovery Strategy focuses on the following priorities and a timeline of 18-24 months from May 2020. The success of our recovery is dependent upon everyone in the Downtown Rideau community contributing to the recovery process, which includes businesses, property owners, residents, employees, customers and most importantly, the City of Ottawa public works and law enforcement services.

  1. Construction phase 
  2. Lockdown phase
  3. Slow reopening phase
  4. Full reopening phase
  5. Website project
  6. Additional priorities

  1. Construction phase (currently) = communications around the city’s construction campaign that will affect the Downtown Rideau district.
    • communications
    • advocacy
    • inspirational opening celebration
  2. Lockdown phase (currently) = promoting members offering services, advocating for members with business closures and ensuring that the district remains clean and safe until businesses are able to open again
    • safety plan
    • advocacy
    • support local campaign
    • preparation for reopening
    • community engagement


  1. Slow reopening phase (beginning) = changes in social distancing rules and the lift of government restrictions allowing some businesses to open again.
    • district clean-up project
    • member engagement & advocacy
    • hyper local campaign — support local
    • community engagement campaign
  2. Full reopening phase = when all businesses are able to resume operation.
    • block party celebration event
    • broader local campaign
    • member engagement & advocacy
    • recession plan
  3. Website project — building a new website/CRM, moving team to G-Suites, implementing Downtown Rideau gift cards
    • build new Downtown Rideau website
    • set-up new platforms for CRM, G-suite, email
    • Downtown Rideau gift card launch & ongoing promotions
  4. Additional priorities
    • strategic plan realignment
    • impact measurements