District Inspections

Downtown Rideau has high traffic volumes of over 275,000 employees, residents, tourists and shoppers visiting the area each day. To support a clean and welcoming area, the B.I.A. conducts regular district inspections to report maintenance issues to the appropriate authority or owner to resolve.  It also hires outside resources as required to support its programs, and encourages its member properties and tenants to keep the area in and around their business clean, swept and clear snow.

Graffiti Removal

Together, the Downtown Rideau B.I.A. and its members work to remove graffiti in Downtown Rideau.  The B.I.A. hires resources to remove graffiti from street-level member properties.  It encourages its member properties to restrict access to above street-level that are subject to a a city requirement for removal at the owners expense.

Public Realm

The Downtown Rideau B.I.A. regularly monitors and reports the cleanliness and maintenance of public property and other street service providers of furniture and fixtures including transit shelters, vending boxes, lampposts, tree planters, bicycle racks, waste receptacles, lighting, etc.